I love Spring.  It’s a time when flowers start emerging, cherry trees blossom, and we do our spring cleaning. I feel so much more hopeful when the weather starts warming up and the days get longer. It’s a time to start fresh.

We set resolutions for the New Year, or start new habits after Labour Day, once the kids (or even we) are back in school. I like those times of year too, but my favourite time to set new intentions for my life is Spring. And it seems appropriate to choose my birthday to do so. Actually, I tend to choose the day after my birthday, so I guess my birthday is kind of like New Years Eve.  That way I get to eat my cake, and then give up sugar the next day.

So here are my intentions for this year (starting tomorrow):

  • Get back on the “no sugar” track.  My birthday and Easter combined to create a perfect storm that I simply couldn’t resist, but I’ve noticed that I’m feeling much more sluggish and all those familiar cravings have returned. So it’s back to reaching for fruit instead of chocolate when I’m craving sugar. (That being said, I do have a delicious Laura Secord easter egg in my fridge, which I will allow myself to have small slices of once day – probably after the kids are in bed – until it’s gone.)
  • Resurrect my gratitude journal and Thankful Thursdays.  Gratitude, more than anything, helps me stay grounded and positively affects my happiness.  It also affects my husband’s happiness, because he likes to sneak peeks at it, and he often finds I’ve written about him.  Maybe I should leave it out for my mom and all the other important people in my life, too, so they can see how often they’re mentioned. 🙂
  • Spend more time outside.  With the days getting longer and warmer, it’s natural to want to be outside more, but I still want to be intentional about it.  For me, this means walking (for fun, commuting and errands), playground trips, gardening, hiking, maybe even another day or two skiing before the season ends.
  • More connecting with friends and extended family.  I was overjoyed to have ten of my closest friends celebrate my birthday with me last night, and we had so much fun! This morning, my extended family came over for brunch and an Easter Egg hunt (my husband’s a pro at creating challenging clues that have us running all over the house).  But I don’t think we necessarily need a special occasion to get together, and I want to make more room in my life to spend with friends and extended family.
  • With wanting to do more of all these things, I need to find some things to do less of: I want to spend less time on facebook and email.  I’m going to unsubscribe to all those email lists that I basically ignore anyway, and limit my time mindlessly surfing the internet to a maximum of 30 minutes a day.  I’d also like to do less laundry, but with two kids under three, I don’t have much of a choice there. 🙂
  • I also want to spend less time worrying about what other people might think.  I can’t control how others feel about various things I do, and I want to be free of that.  This is something I’m slowly, gradually getting better at.  It’s difficult, but I’m going to keep practicing.  So don’t be surprise if you see me letting my kids wear mis-matched clothes or dancing in public.  I’m looking for other ideas – any suggestions?

What about you… do you ever set new intentions around this time of year?  If so, I’d love to hear what they are.  Share them in the comments!

Happy Birthday to Me