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      Jinxi Group Shanxi Chunlei company the second four workers' representatives and party building work conference successfully held
      Author:Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD  Datetime:2020-03-06

      March 6, shanxi Shanxi Chunlei Group of the second fourth employee representative and party building work conference was successfully held. The meeting shall be held by means of self-study, group study and discussion, collection and arrangement of opinions and summary of the meeting. A total of 71 employee representatives from various units of the company attended the meeting. Zhang Xuwei, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the company, Secretary of the Commission for discipline inspection and chairman of the labor Union, presided over the meeting.

      He Qiang delivered an important speech on behalf of the company's leadership. He said that today's meeting is an important one for us standing at a new historical starting point. Looking back on the past year, Shanxi Chunlei Company closely around the annual work ives, internal management to improve, external market to breakthrough, stable production and operation progress, people's well-being has been improved, the orderly development of various work for 2020 laid a foundation. These achievements have benefited from our unswerving adherence to the spirit of hard work, self-improvement, unity, never say die, from the group company and other superior units of strong support, from the majority of cadres and workers sincere unity, forge ahead. In short, in the harsh test of the market, the achievements of 2019 have not come easily and are commendable.

      He made three requirements to the delegates. First, we should strengthen confidence in the struggle and work together to overcome difficulties. To harvest hope in the struggle, d on the present, take a long-term perspective, not negative, don't complain, must establish seek improvement in stability development policy, keep the slow and steady strategic concentration, must persevere, unremittingly, scratching the receivable, grasp quality, cost, delivery, drop two gold, must firmly seize the goal of "sustainable development", The two focus points of "overcoming difficulties and overcoming difficulties" and "improving business results", and 18 key tasks in six aspects, with the heroic spirit of "work with one heart and work harder, the more difficult the more forward" and the fighting spirit of "the brave win when confronted with narrow obstacles", to persist in seeking breakthroughs and seek development through breakthroughs, and to overcome difficulties together.

      Second, use the baton well, bite the "responsibility" and do not relax. Party organizations at both levels and all units should shoulder their political and historical responsibilities, make good use of the baton of assessment and encouragement, optimize the incentive distribution mechanism, continue to carry out 360-degree, multi-dimensional evaluation and monthly ranking, and keep the "statement of responsibility" as the key to strengthening their responsibilities and strengthening the transmission of responsibility. We must ensure that we are strict with the real, the bold, and the long term, and make full use of the tools of accountability, so as to arouse our sense of responsibility and promote the full implementation of all targets and tasks.

      Third, implement the spirit of the conference as a striver. "Prosper? Into avenue, dou dangerous" departure ", each unit should combine its practical, quickly lifted stable cross ZhiDaiHui upsurge, the fighting spirit and pragmatic spirit into everyday, with jobs, according to the thinking of "scratching head, head, give full play to the" six "the role of team leader and technology skills, unwavering commitment to carry out the goals and tasks of ZhiDaiHui determine, We will make greater contributions at a new historical starting point.

      At the meeting, Li Huadong gave detailed answers to the hot issues concerning the company's efforts to overcome difficulties, product structure adjustment, talent team construction, equipment upgrading and reconstruction, "three supply and one industry" and shantytown reconstruction. The delegates voted on the work report of the chairman and secretary of the Party Committee, the work report of the general manager, the work report of the financial budget and final accounts, the report on the use of business entertainment expenses, and the special collective contract for wage equality consultation by a show of hands. At the meeting, various advanced collectives and individuals in 2019 will be commended. Affected by the epidemic, the leaders of the company will go to the front line to award prizes to the winning groups and individuals after the meeting.

      The convening of the conference greatly boosted everyone's morale, firm confidence and determination of workers and enterprises to pull together in difficult times. Representatives at the meeting have said that they will continue to perform their duties, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the meeting, post dedication, post contribution, for the company to successfully overcome difficulties, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the factory to make greater contributions.

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