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      Party members donate money to show their original intention to fight the epidemic and write loyalty
      Author:Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD  Datetime:2020-03-05

      When one party is in trouble, eight parties help.

      In response to the call of the CPC Central Committee, Shanxi Chunlei Group has called on Party members to donate money and contribute to COVID-19 prevention and control since February 28. Wherever the party is fighting against the epidemic, the Party organization is always there. The prevention and control work of COVID-19 has always touched the heart of every Party member. We have actively responded to the call of the Party Committee of the Company, made donations to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and interpreted the original aspiration and mission of party members with practical actions. Although some party members' income was not high, they overcame their own practical difficulties and actively donated money. Some retired veteran party members legs inconvenient, do everything possible to contact the party branch to ask for donations, the 98-year-old Liu Guizhen elderly family will be entrusted to donate to the branch, to do a veteran party member's humble power, expressed the party's infinite loyalty. As of March 4, 287 party members from 13 party branches in the company donated a total of 21,520 yuan, during which an unnamed party member donated 1,500 yuan, demonstrating the noble character of selfless dedication of a party member.

      the party member's voluntary contributions proceeds will be used for sympathy in the first line of fighting in the epidemic prevention and control the masses and medical staff, grassroots cadres and community workers, the public security police funding of COVID - 19 and of the masses life difficulties and suffering COVID people died - 19 families, condolences to families of officials and the masses of sacrifice in their struggle against the epidemic prevention and control.

      Every party member of the company keeps in mind the pledge of joining the Party, implements the mission of the original aspiration, takes the initiative, delivers warmth and strength with practical actions, and makes his own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

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