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      Provincial defense trade union line acceptance technology, R & D innovation studio
      Author:Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD  Datetime:2019-12-07


      Recently, pan Feng, vice chairman of the provincial Defense Trade Union, visited shanxi Chunlei Company of Shanxi Jinxi Group and evaluated and accepted the newly created technology and R&D innovation studio. He Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company, Zhang Xuwei, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline inspection, chairman of the labor Union and the person in charge of the labor union accompanied the company.

      The evaluation group made a field visit to the technology and R&D innovation studios to understand the establishment and use of the studios in detail. Liu Jiefeng from the R&D center and MAO Fujun from the technology Department reported to the inspection team the management and operation of the innovation studio, system construction, mentoring, application of innovation achievements and future planning goals. The evaluation team listened to the report, looked up the relevant work materials of the studio, affirmed the innovative achievements of the studio, and put forward guiding opinions and suggestions for the development and construction of the studio in the next stage. Pan Feng said that the technology and R&D innovation studio has a solid foundation and a clear innovation goal. It is necessary to give full play to the leading and demonstration role of the innovation studio, stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of employees in innovation and creation, so that the innovation studio can play a greater role in a holistic way.

      The appraisal group went deep into the power plant "mommy cabin". In details about the "mommy cabin" after the configuration, usage of Pan Feng situation on construction of "mommy cabin" give full affirmation, and said, "mommy cabin" is one of the important positions at the grass-roots level to carry out the female worker labor protection, "mommy cabin" USES the good hope company Labour union, construction is good, really be in the service of the female worker "warm home", Encourage the majority of female workers d on their posts, strive for excellence, and create new achievements. Zhang Xuwei said that the company's labor union will take "mommy Cabin" as an opportunity to further protect the rights and interests of female workers, do good deeds for the majority of female workers, do practical things, solve difficult problems, and constantly create a new situation for female workers.

      Afterwards, the team visited the exhibition hall.

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