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      [Safety Meeting] Shanxi Chunlei Company of Shanxi Jinxi Group held an expanded meeting of safety, environmental protection and fire protection committee in the fourth quarter
      Author:Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD  Datetime:2019-11-27

      Editor's note: Recently, Shanxi Chunlei Group held the fourth quarter safety, environmental protection, fire protection committee expanded meeting. He Qiang, chairman of the company, Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Huadong, general manager and other members of the security committee and the director of each branch factory attended the meeting, he Qiang chaired the meeting.

      How to set three requirements on safety in production work, one is fully understand company current security situation, grasp the superior file spirit at the same time, the safety in production foundation work earnestly, the hot work, limited space operation and related management as a key control, determined to win three "annihilation" accident prone areas. Second, strictly implement the leadership of the shift. Especially in the aspect of emergency treatment, it is necessary to give full play to the professional ability of the production line chief and contractor. Third, we will strictly implement the pre-class meeting system. Safety work to constantly unremitting, to make full use of the pre-class meeting, strengthen safety training and education, will be more emphasis on safety production attention, more remind, effectively improve the safety production awareness of employees.

      Li huadong said that all units have implemented various work measures and carried out various safety checks during the National Day period, but the safety checks must be normalized to have corresponding effects. For temporary maintenance operations, the equipment department and each branch factory should formulate and review relevant regulations and plans, and do a good job in risk identification and safety prediction. In addition, relevant responsible units should strictly implement the key work arranged by the ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Department of TECHS in the fourth quarter and complete it according to the set time.

      Li Gaolong, assistant to the general manager, conveyed the documents of the superior, the spirit of the meeting and the work requirements. Yao Changjiang from the environmental protection Department reported the key work of safety production in the third quarter to the safety Committee, and submitted the safety committee to review and approve the self-inspection report of safety production standardization in the third quarter. Tian Yuxian, director of technology department, Li Yunxiang, director of R&D center, reported the safety production situation in the third quarter.

      Safety work is important to implement, the value is to adhere to. Through the fourth quarter safety committee, the participants have a deeper understanding of production safety. After the meeting, all units will act quickly to consolidate work responsibilities, actively fulfill their duties, effectively improve the awareness of production safety, and lay a solid foundation for the sprint of the annual production task.

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