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      Quality people's initial aspiration -- ”The Pursuit of perfection“
      Author:Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD  Datetime:2019-11-14


      What is "beginner's mind"? Beginner's mind is to keep the original state, to explore and be curious about everything, not to be fettered by the confusing outside world, the original. It is not easy to keep the original intention, and persistence often becomes a responsibility.

      There is a team of women, most of whom are women, and perhaps endowed with feminine rigor, who seem to be at ease in the process of controlling quantity. They are scattered in the company's various processes, round-the-clock, the whole process to ensure product quality escort. For them, "the pursuit of perfection" is their original intention of quality people.

      Inspection technology backbone Yao Yongmei: do not let go of any quality defects.

      She has many years of inspection experience and has accurate judgment ability on the surface quality requirements of various products of the company, which provides effective basis for refining the company's product inspection standards. In recent years, the organization of self-inspectors, special inspectors training, so that the ability of the inspection team quickly improved. Even with the ability to do this, she is still learning, in-depth field line, found the problem in time, to stop nonconforming next turn, out of the country, she will speak daily products during the production of waste in statistical analysis, timely feedback to relevant units, fast delivery, quality information production factory take timely measures to improve production quality, reduce the loss.

      Du Junling, process quality control engineer: prevent and control the generation of unqualified products, and make continuous efforts to improve the company's process quality.

      Engaged in inspection and on-site quality management for many years, skilled in using quality tools, lean production and other ideas, played a key role in the company's major improvement projects; Standby 24 hours a day, all day in the production site, and the first line of technical personnel to solve the on-site quality problems, improve the process speed. The next day, the department will report the quality problem, forming the information communication between quality and inspection. Carry out on-site supervision and inspection and rectification of problems found in nonconforming trial, count the quantity and type of nonconforming products every month, and provide effective data for regular quality status review.

      It is the quality people who stick to the original intention like them that the qualified rate of the first delivery of products gradually climbs. Under their witness, the development of quality management of the company has experienced a process from "inspection" to "prevention", from "blocking" to "thinning", from quality control to quality prevention.

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