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      [Branch review] Shanxi Chunlei Company of Jinxi Group held the regular branch review meeting in August
      Author:Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD  Datetime:2019-08-28

      Editor's note: On August 27, Shanxi Chunlei Company of Jinxi Group held a regular meeting of party branch assessment and evaluation. He Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company, relevant leaders of the Party and the masses, discipline inspection and trade unions, and party branch secretaries attended the meeting, and Li Shuqin, minister of the Party and the Masses work Department chaired the meeting.

      Each party branch secretary on the work of the Party branch in August, and comment.

      He Qiang said, first, focusing on product quality and delivery time, all units should attach great importance to quality work, broaden working ideas, improve working methods, and prepare for the docking with the "sixth Division" team in the next step. We will raise our political standing and focus on quality work from a political perspective. Focus on the main responsibility, strict management, avoid low-level mistakes, establish incentive mechanism, let employees work into a responsibility, a motivation. Face the problem, find the right direction, find the breakthrough point, reasonable arrangement of production, ensure the delivery date. Second, around the standardization of the party branch work, the branches should focus on the "six basic standardization", "six have" requirements, strengthen the construction of the Party organization, improve the organizational life system, establish a long-term mechanism. Party branch secretaries should improve their working ability and improve their style of work. The standardization of party branch construction is not just hanging up the party flag and reading articles, but to do real work and seek actual results, both a sense of ceremony, but also to have connotation, to build the forefront of party member learning and education. Party building work should be closely related to production and management, find the right entry point for work, innovate working methods, let the party member activity room really play a role, the life of the organization has vitality. Third, we must observe discipline and clearly understand the rules. "If people do not follow the rules, it will be abolished; if the Party does not follow the rules, it will be in chaos." Party members and cadres should observe discipline, be aware of rules and regulations, be respectful, vigilant and loyal to the Party. Don't take any chances, to be a clear white official, clean work, an honest person, clear conscience of the party's trust, do a loyal clean bear good cadres.

      Zhang Yong, minister of discipline inspection and Supervision Department, arranged and deployed the cost supervision and inspection of each branch factory and related work of theme education.

      Mr. Wang Jiansheng, executive vice chairman of the labor Union, arranged the company's maintenance electrician experience exchange meeting, "five small" results recommendation, acceptance of two model work studios and other recent key work.

      Party-mass work department minister shu-qin li on the press releases, depth report completion in August, arrange the deployment of the party branch standardization standardization related work, require each party branch to further strengthen the construction of the activity room and give full play to its function, build a "root" and "soul", make party branch of the battle stronghold, comprehensive standardized standardized construction, promote the party branch To facilitate sound and sustainable operation of production and operation.

      At the meeting, Li Shuqin, secretary of the Party branch, lectured a party lesson end "Never forget our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind". From the four major significance of theme education, "keep the original intention, undertake the mission, find the gap, grasp the implementation" twelve word goal requirements to interpret the theme education. Around "can't forget why to start", "can't forget the road", "can't forget the main responsibility of the main business" three can't forget to further elaborate the original intention and mission of the people of Spring Thunder, and share with everyone their own party affairs work feeling.

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