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      Welcome to visit the official website of Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD.
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      Today's copper price:

      Liter discount: premium 30 yuan/ton ~ 50 yuan/ton (according to April futures price 38550 calculation), pingshui copper transaction price 38580 yuan/ton ~38600 yuan/ton;


      Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD

      Shanxi Chunlei Copper Material Co., LTD., located in Yicheng County, Shanxi Province, is subordinate to China North Industries Group Co., LTD. Jinxi Industry Group Co., LTD., founded in May 1970, with clear ownership of land and plant and complete certificates and licenses. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, IATF16949 automobile industry quality management system certification, military scientific research and production of four complete certificates. The company is a high-tech enterprise, the third batch of innovative pilot enterprises in Shanxi Province, the provincial enterprise technology center, and the "copper and copper alloy product development center" of China North Industries Group Corporation. The company is a copper and copper alloy product manufacturing company which is integrated with bullets and arrows, deep integration of military and civilian, scientific research and production. The bank credit rating is "AA+". In 2017, the sales revenue of military and civilian products reached nearly 1 billion yuan.

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