1. Hugs and cuddles when I go into each of their rooms in the morning;
  2. The excited dancing and jumping up and down when we mention anything from “playground” to “plums” to “Grandma’s here!”
  3. Elizabeth’s knowledge of animal sounds. My favourite is the whole-body shake she does as she “neighs” like a horse;
  4. Oscar offering to give me a back massage when I tell him I’m tired or have a sore back. It lasts about 10 seconds and he’s still working to get the pressure right, but I’m sure he’ll eventually get the knack…
  5. Seeing their ecstatic faces in the window, and them jumping up and down on the couch, when I come home from work;
  6. Elizabeth’s pleasure in washing her hands – she loves to just stand there and let the water run over and through her fingers;
  7. Oscar taking his sister’s hand in the playground and saying, “I’m going to take care of you, Elizabeth,” as he leads her toward the slide;
  8. Their immense joy when we arrive at the pool a few minutes early and they have time to play in the waterfall splash area before their lessons;
  9. Oscar giving kisses, one by one, to each family member (he even kisses himself on the arm);
  10. The way they thoroughly enjoy their meals. Sometimes, Oscar will even say, “You made a delicious dinner, Dad!”;
  11. Oscar saying, “I love you, Mom” for seemingly no reason at all, and Elizabeth following suit by saying “lovoo” (never to be left out).
11 Ways my Kids Help me Live in the Moment